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Kettlercise is a fantastic all over body workout that has been designed to integrate resistance with cardiovasular training, to maximise fat burning whilst shaping and sculpting your body.


Kettlercise covers a range of 37 kettlebell exercises ranging from basic moves to more advanced technqiues to high energy pulse raisers. Each exercise placing emphasis on a target muscle groups like abs, glutes, arms & thighs.


It's a stimulating, invirgorating, safe & easy to follow fat blasting program that gets results and more importantly....is FUN!!


The class runs for approx 50 mins and includes a general warmup, Kettlercise specific warm up, 37 kettlebell exercises and a cool down.


Kettlebells and mats are provided in class.


Kettlercise is suitable for all levels of fitness as we have a kettlebell to suit everyone's current strength and fitness level. The kettlebells range from 2kg to 12kg - which might not sound like a lot but after 37 mins you may change your mind! Typically a beginner female might start with a 4kg and a beginner male with a 6kg.


What should you bring? ....water is a must and if possible bring a small towel as you may work up a sweat.


Classes are £7 PAYG or £48 for a block of 8 sessions.